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Our London team is growing. We've recently moved to the lovely Vox Studios in Vauxhall and are looking for talented PHP Developers to join us on our adventure in the capital.

Dependent upon experience
Full time
Vauxhall, London

We're looking for someone to join our London team and create wonderful websites for both new and existing clients in ecommerce, hospitality and beyond.

D3R was founded by developers and still over three quarters of our team are technical. You won't find anyone pressuring you to "just make it work" because we know that's not how to write great code or do Good Work. We care about how our sites are built as much as how they look.

We don't expect you to know everything already, but here are some of the skills we hope you have or are trying to acquire:

  • You have a track record of getting things done and can show us some work you're proud of.
  • You feel at home in modern object-oriented PHP using PHP 7+ and how to apply those principles to solve complex problems.
  • You're familiar with MySQL (or another SQL flavour) and how to write queries and design a sensible database schema.
  • You're enthusiastic about new web technologies and love learning about how and when to use them (and when not to).
  • You have a solid understanding of Composer and how to manage your PHP dependencies.
  • You have experience with at least one of the big PHP frameworks.
  • You can complement your back end skills with a good knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We are always looking for good developers, wherever they fall on the front/back end scale.
  • Working with git (and GitHub) is second nature to you by now.
  • Talking to clients is something you are comfortable with or happy to learn. We don't have a project management layer so good communication skills are important.

There are some other areas that would be a real bonus and help push someone up that "dependent upon experience" scale:

  • Unit testing is second nature to you and, ideally, you also have some experience with automated testing and continuous integration.
  • Your front end skills are strong. You know your way around jQuery and use CSS preprocessors (we like SASS) and front-end build tools (we like Gulp.js) in your workflow.
  • Alternatively, you can bring some DevOps skills to the table. We use Debian and Puppet and are always on the lookout for careful experienced heads to help us manage our infrastructure.
  • You're familiar with what affects web performance and how to measure it.
  • You've got strong JavaScript skills. If you've done some more serious JavaScript development with tools like React, that would be even better.
  • You have used Zend Framework 1 in the past and understand its strengths and shortfalls.

  • You're up to date with and enthusiastic about PHP standards, familiar with the PHP-FIG and corresponding PSRs.
  • You have experience with the wider stack. For us that means NGINX, Redis, MariaDB, AMQP.
  • Experience with ElasticSearch and its idiosyncrasies. We're using this more and more.
  • You've worked on eCommerce and can show us some examples of where you've handled the scary end of actually taking people's money.
  • Integrating with APIs is an area where you have a lot of experience and have learnt a few of the lessons. This could be for payment gateways, booking engines, ERP solutions etc.
  • You've been exposed to Cloud technologies - in particular Amazon Web Services.

Our studio is in Vauxhall and we are pretty flexible about start and end times.

We provide everyone with a MacBook Pro, breakfast and an employee perks scheme. We also organise weekly team lunches here in London and monthly gatherings with our sister office in Chichester.

You'll also get access to dental care, a pension, a cycle to work scheme and a Treehouse account for improving your skills.

You can see a sample of the kind of work we do in our portfolio but here are a few more hidden projects we've worked on:

  • We optimised Monica Vinader's entire supply chain management process, building a complete inventory management system capable of handling everything from supplier ordering / invoicing, stock receipts, inventory tracking & pricing - all integrated with the front end web shop as well as a barcode scanning app developed for use in their warehouse.
  • EPOS functionality for Loaf, utilising web technology and the existing e-commerce platform to handle in-store sales.
  • An iPad based system for Sipsmith's 100 Martinis events where customers choose and order cocktails from their table.
  • An engraving tool, again for Monica Vinader, that allows users to customise jewellery with text and doodles using HTML5 Canvas.
  • A WebGL rendering engine to create beautiful 3D visualisations of cyclists' GPS tracks for Loopie.
  • For boutique hotel specialist Mr & Mrs Smith, we built a complete hotel booking and availability system managing rooms, rates, offers, cancellation policies, invoicing, and accounting. This included the creation of a portal to allow hoteliers to manage pricing/availability/arrival lists and reconciliation. After an extensive period of consultation with hoteliers and usability testing, the system is now being used by over 700 hotels from around the world.

If this sounds like you, apply below and come have a chat with us about the work you've been doing.

D3R is an equal opportunities employer and actively welcomes applications from anyone (except recruitment agencies) especially encouraging those from underrepresented groups in the web industry.

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A happy employee is a productive employee

  • Flexible hours

    So if you fancy a lie in or need to get away early it's not a problem.

  • Never go hungry (or thirsty)

    Enjoy breakfast with us and there's always fresh fruit, great coffee and snacks available for when you get peckish.

  • A tale of two cities

    Fancy a change of scene? We have offices in London and Chichester. You'll be welcome in both.

  • Healthy and happy

    Among hundreds of other perks like discounted cinema tickets and national attractions you'll also get mobile phone insurance and a great dental plan.

  • Latest and greatest hardware

    You'll get your own brand new MacBook Pro with Retina display, an extra display or two and software of your choice.

  • Fly like an eagle

    You'll be surrounded by people who love what they do and are keen to help. Not to mention access to online resources, conferences and events.