Our five year relationships with one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK

  1. Charlie from Loaf

    December 2008

    When they were 'The Sleep Room'

    Having lost a whole Saturday trying to buy a bed, I decided to make the process as quick and hassle free as possible. So two years, 187 mattress factories and some seriously comfy beds later, TheSleepRoom.com was born.

    Charlie Marshall, Head of Sleep
  2. December 2009

    Taking the next step

    The existing site had served the business adequately, but without a content management system product growth was limited. The offsite payment system also needed an integrated upgrade and work needed to be done with SEO to lift a Google penalty. We spent a lot of time with Charlie learning about his business as well as solving the big issues; full CMS, seamless one page checkout and structured site for SEO we improved the purchasing process and told more of the brand story.

  3. March 2012

    The Sleep Room becomes Loaf

    What's in a name? As the product range extended to other rooms in the house a name change was natural. Being mindful of existing customers of The Sleep Room we used a variety of communications to ease the transition while the site structure adapted easily to increase in categories and products.

    A sofa, lamp, painting and crockery

    Introduction of new product categories, one of the transational banners and some softer touches to the brand with more use of textures.

    'Get the Look' added to introduce the new product range and highlight the styles. Product stories were also introduced to educate and reassure customers about their purchases.

  4. October 2012

    Moving to Mobile

    With more and more customers shopping on mobile devices we redesigned the site to function efficiently on smaller screens. Taking complex processes like building custom storage beds and bedding bundles and making them as focused as possible on handheld devices.

  5. Fabrics Sofa

    March 2013

    Handling the loaf in every room

    The site needs to be so simple that even my mum can use it with ease

    Charlie Marshall, Head of Sleep

    As the brand expanded further to accommodate the whole of the home we had to scale the site to handle a wider product range with varied customization tools that resulted in 13 different product pages. These pages manage every style, size, colour, add on, bolt on, bundle... Loaf can offer and the customer can concoct whilst remaining consistent and easy to use.

    As a result of increasing their product range and quadrupling the fabric options, Loaf needed a quick and easy way to upload hundreds of products in thousands of colour ways. We created an image app which allowed them to bulk upload the images then automatically assigned them to the correct product.

  6. Sofas at Loaf
  7. July 2013

    Handling Search

    PPC Landing Pages

    Dedicated landing pages were designed and developed to be more relevant and specific to ad copy and target words to reduce bounce rates and increase conversion rates.

    Optimising Campaign Structure

    Campaigns were restructured and each product category was broken out into three separate match type specific campaigns with more targeted ad groups and more relevant ad copy leading to a significant improvement in quality.

    Quantifying customer's with telephone tracking

    In order to attribute customers calling and making orders over the phone, the site was updated to detect the source and medium of visitors and update the number accordingly. This helped differentiate between online and offline marketing efforts.

    Reduction in Loaf's overall spend
    Increase in Loaf's revenue

    D3R work smart, focusing efforts on delivering real value

    Rob White, Head of Sleep
  8. April 2014

    Creating one seamless system for everyone

    Unhappy with their current patchwork of systems Loaf asked us to take control. Improving and uncomplicating the experience for sales, purchasing and delivery teams whilst leaving the customer experience untouched.

    Product chosen from catalogue and ordered over the phone with estimated delivery date.

    ‘I forgot the cushions!’ the sales team can immediatly add and charge to previous details.

    SKUs passed to purchasing team, delivery requirements synced with Wincanton.

    Item delivered and installed with in a 2 hour slot. Packaging and old sofa removed for recycling.

  9. What's Next?

    Three new 'Loaf Shacks' opening in London and grand plans for international sales

What really impressed us was D3R's obsession with our site to look and function as well as possible. The site was delivered on time, works brilliantly and is a huge improvement on where we were before.

Charlie Marshall, Head of Sleep

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