An elegant and refined online experience for London's most popular restaurant.

The brainchild of restauranteurs Chris Corbin & Jeremy King, The Wolseley is a grand dining hall catering to all-comers from tourists to A-listers. It ranks among a small global elite of dining rooms with takings of more than £10 million a year. Despite the many column inches this iconic venue garners, the philosophy behind it has always been one of supreme discreteness and a devotion to every detail.

It is a performance. You do have to bring the strings together. It's all about seamlesness

Chris Corbin, Director, Corbin & King

What we did for The Wolseley

  1. A considered online brand execution

    Corbin & King could be said to view their restaurants as form of theatre. Unique one off experiences that bring location, people and food together. It was pramount to not dilute this carefully crafted online experience

  2. A seamless end-to-end booking flow

    Integrating with popular restaurant booking system Open Table we created the Uk's first completely branded booking process allowing customers to remain within the branded online esperience they would expect.

    Above the standard Open Booking Table widget. Right our branded integration

  3. Allow customers to purchase products & gift vouchers

    From the unique tea strainer to the antique silver tea pots that adorn the walls, we wanted to allow patrons to easily purchase gifts.

    Above the customer is able to enter their own custom message to be incorporated in the gift voucher which is then sent to the recipient.

  4. Pre-payment on bookings

    Whether wishing to buy a bottle of champagne for a friend or cover the cost of a group's dining, customers are able to add pre-payment to bookings.

As one of London's most iconic dining rooms, it was essential to deliver an online experience that was consistent with the existing brand touchpoints

Jon Rogers, Senior creative D3R

Building the Corbin & King family online

Since The Wolseley's opening in 2003 Corbin & King have opened a succession of restaurants across the city of London. We're very proud to have played a role in brining those resturants to the online space.

Our five year relationships with one of the fastest-growing companies in the UK