PHP Developer - Chichester

If you're serious about PHP, there's a job with your name on it at D3R.

About D3R

At D3R, we create wonderful bespoke websites and business systems for new and existing clients in ecommerce, hospitality and beyond.

D3R was founded by developers and still over three quarters of our team are technical. We take a long term view. That applies to how we choose our clients, how we write our code, and how we treat our employees.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for developers who are experienced with and enthusiastic about PHP to join our Chichester team.

There are many skills and technologies that would be useful, but to be a great fit for this role, you should be excited about spending the majority of your time knee deep in object-oriented, modern PHP.

These are the core skills we'd like you to have or be on the way to acquiring:

  • You feel at home in modern PHP 8 and are experienced and enthusiastic about using object-oriented principles to solve complex problems.
  • You think and care about code reuse and abstraction and are always looking for ways to increase the leverage of the code you write.
  • You have a solid understanding of Composer and how to manage your dependencies, ideally with experience of how and when to separate code into packages.
  • You have experience with at least one PHP framework or have worked with a large, complex application.
  • You care about code quality. If you've put this into practice by testing with PHPUnit, writing standards compliant PHP, or setting up continuous integration tooling, all the better.
  • You're not scared of being a bit of a detective - this could mean jumping into code and following a bug around but also working something out with your colleagues when two heads are better than one.
  • You have a track record of getting things done and focussing on delivery. Ideally you can show us some work you're proud of.

There are lots of other skills we like our devs to have. If you've got some of these already, that's great. If you are eager to pick some up, we'd love to discuss further and to help you to learn.

  • Front end skills. Many of our developers are full-stack with strong HTML, CSS (or SASS) and JavaScript skills. This allows them to take on more of a project with greater ownership and responsibility.
  • Ecommerce experience. If you've worked on ecommerce, or even better been involved in the scary end of actually taking people's money, that would give you a head start with a lot of our projects.
  • Web performance. How to measure it, how to improve it and what value that might bring a client.
  • A deep understanding of SQL (we use MariaDB). How to write complex queries, optimise performance and design a sensible database schema.
  • Sysadmin and DevOps. We use AWS along with Debian, Puppet and Terraform. We are always on the lookout for careful experienced heads to help us manage and improve our infrastructure.
  • Experience with ElasticSearch. We're using this more and more with our clients, and would like to grow the numbers of devs we have who are knowledgeable about both the application and administration sides.
  • Talking to clients and collaborating with colleagues. We don't have a typical project management layer so good communication skills are important, both with customers and the rest of the team.

What we can offer

Genuinely engaging work

Nothing we do is off-the-shelf. Being a developer at D3R means you get to make a real difference to our clients' businesses. You won't get bored and you won't stop learning. 

A package that's hard to beat

Competitive salary, life insurance, dental cover, team lunches and the kind of coffee that makes a coffee-geek smile.

The chance to progress quickly

Keep rising to the challenge and we'll keep moving you up. It's as simple as that.

Not the usual 9 to 5

Apply now

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