Customised Dining Reservations System for The Ivy

Caprice Holdings are the restaurant group behind iconic London restaurants The Ivy, Le Caprice and 34 Mayfair.

Caprice Holdings Limited
Customised Dining Reservations System for The Ivy

Project details

Caprice approached D3R to design and build a centralised booking portal to service all their restaurants whilst keeping strict control over end-to-end user experience and branding. It was essential that this supported all device types to enable easy booking of tables on the move.

The solution powers the booking journey for all of Caprice's restaurants including The Ivy, Sexy Fish, 34 Mayfair, J. Sheekey, Scott's and Rivington.

D3R created a responsive site that allows customised branding of the portal and emails for each restaurant, fully manageable by Caprice to allow for any future expansion.

The system was integrated with the OpenTable API to manage availability, reservations, offers and cancellation.

Through the standard reservation widgets, when customers were returned low or no availability from their searches, they were offered alternative availability across London, potentially including competitors. With D3R's system they are offered tables only at other restaurants within the Caprice Holdings group chosen carefully to match the location and atmosphere of the restaurant they expressed interest in.


  • Full control over end-to-end branding and experience for online reservations.
  • Full ownership of diner data.
  • Targetted overflow for reservations between restaurants within the group.


  • Centralised booking engine with customised branding for each restaurant.
  • Restaurant cross-selling with low or no availability.
  • Fully branded confirmation and reminder emails.