Client since 2014
Located on a quiet square in Mayfair, The Beaumont is an old-world luxury hotel with a modern twist. Like the hotel, the site needed to feel both timeless and contemporary.

Selected highlights

Latest redesign

The unique combination of the old and the new that characterises The Beaumont presented a real challenge for the D3R design team. Needless to say, they rose to meet it.


The Beaumont site offers a range of elegantly designed vouchers delivered either digitally (via email) or physically (in a luxury gift box). It also carefully tracks the total liability of all outstanding vouchers and the dates on which they expire.

Flexible block system

The D3R content management system enables the team at The Beaumont to build rich pages of content using a flexible set of 'blocks'—different combinations of text, images, and calls to action, that can be added, deleted, or repositioned as required.