Client since 2014
Astro Lighting is a beacon of elegance and sophistication, beloved of both interior designers and online retailers. Partnership with D3R has enabled them to radically streamline their business.
“D3R were both flexible and supportive throughout and have been a huge asset.”
Stuart Grant, Managing Director, Astro

Selected highlights


The redesign facilitated a major shift in Astro's business model, from one type of customer to two. It needed to accommodate both "Astro Home" and "Astro Professional" on an equal footing. Starting from a single landing page, the new design ensures that both paths through the site are equally intuitive.

Sales proposals

Working with the Astro Sales Team, D3R was able to radically streamline the process of putting together a sales proposal. Purpose-built software uses the Astro catalogue to generate an elegantly presented PDF that is tailored to the requirements of the individual client.

Track configurator

Track lights can be repositioned as required anywhere along a rail (or 'track') attached to a wall or ceiling. This unique piece of functionality enables Astro customers to design their own track configuration and tells them exactly what they will need to purchase to build it in real life.

Integrated ERP and PLM

Modern B2B selling is about more than just a catalogue and a price list. The Astro site now integrates smoothly with both their Enterprise Resource Planning and Product Lifecycle Management systems, eliminating the need for the same information to be held in more than one database.