Client since 2010
Monica Vinader is a UK jewellery brand with a global client-base. They needed a site that could smoothly integrate online and offline sales, while handling some of the biggest Black Friday peaks in retail.

190x revenue growth since launching with D3R

1.8k requests per second at peak during sale

27k items dispatched in one day using the app we built

“D3R combines excellent technical ability and great commercial insight, making them a great business partner to work with.”
Gabriela Vinader, Director, Monica Vinader

Selected highlights

Responsive redesign

The redesign coincided with a wider brand update at Monica Vinader. It needed to speak the same design language in a fully systematised way, making it possible to refresh the look of the site incrementally, without having to go all the way back to the drawing board.

Point of sale

Custom software built by D3R ensures the seamless integration of Monica Vinader's online and offline sales. Everything from the card payment terminal to customer account details and purchase history can now be controlled from a single iPad in the salesperson's hand.

Dispatch app

This purpose built app integrates with a range of hardware (from barcode-scanners to label-printers) to make picking, packing, and shipping Monica Vinader's products a single, smooth-functioning process.

Black Friday scaling

When it comes to Black Friday, continuity is critical. For a retailer like Monica Vinader, even a short period of downtime can cost tens of thousands of pounds. D3R makes sure that doesn't happen by scaling-up and stress-testing the site's infrastructure ahead of the big day.