Client since 2019
Farmison is the original online butcher. D3R has helped them to stay ahead of the competition with an innovative new subscription model and a site that is every bit as seasonal as the produce it sells.
“They approach work with a commercial view. You feel like they’re thinking one step ahead of you.”
Jen Piercy, Marketing Director, Farmison

Selected highlights

Nominated delivery day

Farmison sells highly perishable goods to customers who often buy them for a specific occasion. Their booking system needs to know what will be available on which dates—weeks before it is needed—to guarantee that the right product reaches the right customer at exactly the right moment.

Personalised subscriptions

The get-what-you're-given monthly meatbox is more convenient for the retailer than the customer. Farmison's personalised subscription service is different. It allows customers to build their own selection of products, giving them whatever they want at whatever interval they choose.

Dedicated seasonality

Few businesses are more truly seasonal than Farmison. From spring lamb to fresh game, from Easter to Christmas, the product list is continually evolving. D3R has built a website that evolves in the same way, continually shifting its shape and structure with the cycle of the seasons.