Client since 2021
Inchbald is the UK's pre-eminent school for interior and garden design. That makes them a seriously discerning client when it comes to how their site looks and functions.

Selected highlights

Flexible content blocks

The Inchbald site is a beautiful example of the potential of this approach. Most pages have been put together by Inchbald themselves, using a flexible set of 'blocks' designed by D3R: combinations of text, images, and animations, that can be added, deleted, or repositioned, using an intuitive CMS.

Bespoke course structure

The site simplifies a complicated set of overlapping course options into an elegant data structure that makes comparison between courses easy. Prospective students can toggle between different options to explore what Inchbald has to offer.

Enquiry routing

This is a simple piece of functionality but an extremely useful one. By tracking how different users arrive at the enquiry page (i.e. which page they were looking at when they decided to get in touch) the site is able to sort the incoming enquiries and ensure they are sent to the right person.