Client since 2017
Vaughan are world-leading designers of lighting, furniture, and accessories. Partnership with D3R has enabled them to streamline their ordering process and begin to sell online.

Selected highlights

Vaughan Outlet

The annual Vaughan 'outlet' sale—held in a marquee in Winchester— is a unique opportunity to buy direct from the manufacturer at exceptionally low prices. When the sale was threatened by the pandemic, D3R was able to move it online. The result was such a success that the marquee has been packed away for good.

Transition to online selling

The nature of Vaughan's business means that some orders will always need to be priced on an individual basis. D3R has made it possible to move everything else online (including the outlet sale) and massively simplify the ordering and payment process.

Lights and shades

This unique piece of functionality allows customers to build a bespoke lampshade, with full control over the size, shape, pattern, and materials of the finished product. The site can also suggest an appropriate (and equally customisable) shade whenever someone is interested in buying a light.