Love Home Swap

Love Home Swap is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Debbie Wosskow, who came up with the idea when she was thinking about booking a winter holiday away for her and her family. Debbie was sick of spending 80% of her travel budget on a hotel, where she still wouldn’t feel like it was a home away from home.

Love Home Swap

Project details

In 2009 D3R worked to launch sharing economy startup Luxe Home Swap first to beta testers and then, on Christmas Eve, to the public.

The site featured tiered recurring payment memberships; a messaing and swapping system; and location and feature based search.

In 2011, D3R worked to rebrand the offering as Love Home Swap with a complete visual redesign.

Over time, as membership grew dramatically rentals, different membership mechanisms, insurance blog content were added.

The site also underwent many minor design updates as well as a complete responsive refresh.

In 2015, after a significant round of investment, D3R worked with Love Home Swap to build an internal development team and transfer knowledge and responsibility over a period of six months.


  • Highly visual process with clear explanations of what the site does, who it’s targeted at and how to sign up
  • Put house swappers’ minds at ease with clear information and advice
  • Cutting edge tools and functionality to allow complex home swaps in a few clicks


  • Sophisticated user-friendly swap system
  • Informative property profiles with Google maps integration
  • Search by region, map, keywords and properties you may also like

What they said

From initial concept through to final execution, we've been constantly impressed by their creativity and finesse.

Ben Wosskow, Director