Client since 2013
The world's leading brand of premium mixers. Although they now work with more than one agency, D3R saw Fever-Tree through their most explosive period of growth.

Selected highlights

Original website

The Fever-Tree website has gone through many iterations over the years. The original site, built by D3R, was an important part of their early success—growing, like the company itself, at an incredible speed until Fever-Tree's public listing in 2014.

Trade portal

The Fever-Tree trade portal is still run by D3R. It enables clients to login, check availability and delivery times, and place and track orders. The portal also handles the distribution of free branded merchandise to bars and restaurants.

Pairing wheel

This tool has evolved over the years, but it was originally conceived and built by D3R. It helps customers to explore the Fever-Tree range by pairing mixers with spirits on the basis of their taste preferences.

Multilingual access

As a truly global brand, Fever-Tree need a site that works in multiple languages without simply translating content on a one-for-one basis. The D3R content management system handles multiple languages in an intuitive and flexible way.