What we do

Business to business

When your customer is another business, your priorities change. So do ours.

Trade and retail are not the same thing. We build tools that make it easy for your B2B partners to check stock, see customer-specific pricing, place orders, and do whatever else they need to.
B to B
The needs of a consumer weighing-up a one-off purchase are very different from those of a retailer re-ordering from their supplier. At D3R, we understand that B2B transactions are as much about efficiency as salesmanship.
B to C
As well as making your existing business more efficient, D3R can help you take it in a new direction. If you are looking to start selling directly, without upsetting your existing trade customers, we are the people to talk to.
B to XYZ
If you sell to more than one type of customer (trade and consumer, retailers and wholesalers) or in more than one region, we can design you a site that gives each group exactly what they need.
"It’s a partnership. They are always really interested, and ask really good questions. They challenge us."
Donna Howard, Marketing Director, Astro