What we do


Worried about conversion rates? Need a usability audit? D3R can help.

Unlike most consultants, our advice comes straight from the coal face. We understand how to get the best out of your site because that's what we do every day.
The customer may always be right, but they don't always tell you what you're doing wrong. That's where we come in. Years of experience in UX and a rigorous approach to user testing mean D3R can identify exactly where the problem lies.
When it comes to load times, a fraction of a second can be the difference between a satisfied customer and no customer at all. A performance audit from D3R provides you with clear actionable advice on how to make your site quicker.
If your site is looking dated, but you can't quite put your finger on why—or you want to improve the impression you're making without committing to a full redesign—D3R can help.
Conversion Rate Optimisation is a process, not an end-point. Using a combination of data and experience we can help you identify problems and test solutions in order to get more from the traffic you already have.
"It feels like no matter what we ask, they can pull in someone who’s done it before"
Gary Evans, E-Commerce Consultant, Andrew Martin